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Hi, my name is Jerry Vander Wal, I am a 54 year old interior decorator, and son of the artist. 

My father lives in Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy with his wife, poet and artist, Jane Aaron Vander Wal. He is in wonderful health and is painting at the top of his form. They live surrounded by the same trees, flowers, sky and sea that embrace the viewer in the last 25 years of his work. This web site is my homage to my father and his life's work.

I grew up in the home of an artist in a small private prairie town, an unusual situation in my world. Much of the work has been produced in the years since I left home. The location of Jack and Jane's home on a bluff overlooking the bay, with surrounding woods and meadows, inspires both their lives and work.

  The internet makes possible not only a virtual gallery  (the artist speaks  to the viewer with paint , but allows the viewers to respond (via e-mail ) to the artist.

No amount of fine tuning with PHOTOSHOP will compare a compressed image from a corrected slide to the real vibrant painting. 

Please drop him a note by email.

It has been a unique privilege to view, scan, correct, rotate over 450 images from his career to select the 95 jpg files that are on this site.

The images are small enough to load quickly (better if you have cable or dsl) .In the pages 1989 - 2004 click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures. If however you have a slow connection please be patient, as the images need to be large enough to see The wait is worthwhile.   


my father Jack S. Vander Wal

Jerry Vander Wal Victoria, BC Canada jerryvanderwal@shawcable.com

Jack Vander Wal  Nova Scotia jjvanderwal@ns.sympatico.ca







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